2015 Advent Devotional

Welcome to the main page of our 2015 Advent Devotional. You will find a digital version of the devotional for each day of Advent to the left. Simply click on the date to read, reflect, and pray.

We have also made the devotional available in a PDF format that you can download, print, or share. Click here to access the PDF version. If you would like a daily reminder to read it, you will find a link to each devotional posted daily on the CBF of Arkansas facebook page Please share this devotional with your friends, family, and church. 

You will find the daily devotionals were written from those across the CBF of Arkansas fellowship. We hope you enjoy this collection and please let us know how God has spoken to you this Advent season.

Leaning Forward:

Advent Reflections for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Arkansas

We invite you to join us for the next twenty-seven days on a devotional journey through this season of Advent. On the following pages you will find devotional reflections from brothers and sisters across the Arkansas fellowship. The diverse authors of these reflections will challenge us to lean forward this Advent season. We hope you will join us in leaning forward through prayer, reflection, and in the hope of what is to come in Christ.

“It is Advent: the time just before the adventure begins, when everybody is leaning forward to hear what will happen even though they already know what will happen and what will not happen, when they listen hard for meaning, their meaning, and begin to hear, only faintly at first, the beating of unseen wings.” (Frederick Buechner)

Please take some time each day to read the passages, consider the reflections and questions, and use the guide in your prayers. We are excited to see how the Spirit will lead our CBF of Arkansas community through this devotional guide. Feel free to share this collection with friends and family; we encourage you to forward the PDF file to friends and family, make copies to share with those in your church, or follow the devotional online (website: www.cbfar.org/advent-devotional or Facebook: www.facebook.com/cbfofarkansas).

You have an incredible opportunity to journey through this Advent season together with other CBF Arkansans. From Lake Village to Fayetteville, from Jonesboro to Hot Springs, and from Virginia to Slovakia our CBF of Arkansas community is well represented in this devotional. Let the adventure begin!

                                           Leaning forward with you,

                                           Megan J. Pike, CBFAR Assistant Coordinator


*Thank you to Calvary Baptist Church of Waco, Texas and Mary Alice Birdwhistell, Associate Pastor, for their resources to help make this devotional guide a reality for CBF of Arkansas.