STILL WORK TO DO: Christians, Churches & Race Relations

CBFAR Annual Gathering 2015

We had an incredible Spring Annual Gathering April 17th & 18th in Little Rock. You will find resources on this page to help you and your community start/continue this important conversation on Race Relations amongst Christians in our churches today.


> The Privilege Walk

"What is Privilege?" video from BuzzFeed:

Click here for the questions they used in the video.

> Action Steps

> Engagement Games/Activities


> White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, Peggy McIntosh (1989)

> Bonhoeffer's Black Jesus, Reggie L. Williams (2014)

> Martin Luther King, Jr. & The Civil Rights Movement, John A. Kirk (2007)

> Redefining the Color Line, John A. Kirk (2002)

> Race & Ethnicity in Arkansas, John A. Kirk (2014)


> The Color of Fear, Lee Mun Wah (1994, 90 minutes)

"An insightful, groundbreaking film about the state of race relations in America as seen through the eyes of eight North American men of Asian, European, Latino and African descent."

> Race - The Power of an Illusion, California Newsreel (2003, three 56 minute episodes)

"By asking, What is this thing called 'race'?, a question so basic it is rarely asked, Race - The Power of an Illusion helps set the terms that any further discussion of race must first take into account."

> What's Race Got to Do with It?, California Newsreel (2006, 49 minutes)

"What's Race Got to Do with It? is a documentary film that goes beyond identity politics, celebratory history and interpersonal relations to consider social disparities and their impact on student success in today's post-Civil Rights world."

> Skin Deep, Frances Reid (1995, 53 minutes)

"Skin Deep chronicles the eye-opening journey of a diverse and divided group of college students as they awkwardly but honestly confront each other's racial prejudices."

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cbf blog

I’m troubled: A personal reflection from a CBF leader on Charleston tragedy By Ronald Fairley

Social Justice for the Black Community in the U.S.A. By Judge Wendell Griffen


> Helm’s White Racial Identity Development Model

was referenced during Saturday's Q & A time. Below are links to works that explain this model:

> 2014 Racial Attitudes in Pulaski County Survey

The UALR Institute on Race and Ethnicity in partnership with the Institute on Government released its 12th Annual Racial Attitudes in Pulaski County Survey report.  The 2014 study focuses on Values, Family, and Community.

New Baptist Covenant

Hannah McMahan, Coordinator of the New Baptist Covenant, shared this inspiring and informative video below at our 2015 Annual Gathering:

"The New Baptist Covenant is an informal alliance of more than 30 racially, geographically, and theologically diverse Baptist organizations seeking to live into the mandates found in Jesus' first sermon in Luke 4:18-19."