A Template for Improving Race Relations

CBF Workshop 2017-PG.JPG

A presentation by Ray Higgins, Ph.D., CBFAR Coordinator and Patricia L. Griffen, Ph.D., Past Mod. at the 2017 General Assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Atlanta, GA


The purpose of this presentation was to: 

1.Provide ideas and models for congregations, CBF, SROs and individuals to talk about and work on racial issues rooted in the social gospel ministry of Jesus.

2. Present Scriptures that address race.

3. Reviewsystems of oppression that haveperpetuated racial inequities and disparities. 

4. Describe what we are doing in Arkansas.

5.  Present ways to engage the race issue.

We want to share this presentation with all, so below are are the links for the Powerpoint, and handouts provided at the workshop.



Getting Involved Handout

Movie and Documentaries to Watch