#GivingTuesday :: December 1, 2015

Through your donations, you join Together For Hope, Arkansas in impacting the lives of children in our community.

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Your donations at work:

  • $25 provides two brand new books for a child in our summer reading program/Read IT/preschool program. 
  • $50 provides local youth the supplies needed to serve their own community. 
  • $100 buys one tank of gas for the Stories on Wheels bus.
  • $150 provides supplies for a semester of preschool programming, impacting 180 preschoolers and giving 25 early childhood education students from Phillips Community College of the U of A formative practical experience in working with children. 
  • $250 provides one month of summer literacy programming/provides training for local volunteers to tutor below-grade level fourth graders through Read IT
  • $500 gives TFHAR youth leaders the opportunity to serve on mission outside of Phillips County.
  • $1000 provides housing and food for our summer interns. 

Each and every one of you is a part of impacting our community. We hope that you will share this opportunity to impact Phillips County with your friends, family, mission team members, and church leaders. #GivingTuesday December 1, 2015 -- click here to GIVE


Tutors,  Suzanne Dawson from Southern Bancorp and Assistant Chief of   Police Ronald Scott, reading with Jalen and Keiston at Eliza Miller Elementary.

Tutors, Suzanne Dawson from Southern Bancorp and Assistant Chief of
Police Ronald Scott, reading with Jalen and Keiston at Eliza Miller Elementary.

Sierra loves Swim Camp. It’s her favorite part of the summer! (We share that in common with Sierra) We’ve gotten to know and love Sierra and her sisters, so when we started Read IT (Intervention & Tutoring) and found that Sierra needed a little extra help in reading, we were excited to be able to connect her to a tutor, Mr. Dana. Sierra and Mr. Dana read together once a week, and Mr. Dana helped us notice that Sierra needed reading glasses. Sierra’s teacher is so proud of how her attitude toward reading and school has improved, and Sierra loves her new purple bedazzled reading glasses. 


Read IT connects community volunteers to fourth grade students at Eliza Miller Elementary School for weekly tutoring. In its first semester, Read IT is serving 30 students through 19 tutors.


Every other week, preschool students across Helena hop on the Stories on Wheels bus, and even though the bus stays parked, the children still go on a journey. Everything is exciting in the words of a book! As Stacy read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to one class recently, one of the students jumped up as she turned the last paged, yelled, "He became a butterfly!" and hugged her with excitement. 

Stories on Wheels works with five local partner preschools, utilizes community college education students as volunteers, and serves 225 children. 99% of the teachers we work with said that their students are more comfortable and confident with reading in the classroom because of Stories on Wheels.

$25 provides one week of Stories on Wheels programming.


In January 2015, 10 local youth volunteers, veteran volunteers of ACC Swim Camp, met in Memphis with 9 outside volunteers to plan this year's Swim Camp crafts, Bible stories, and an all-new camp for middle schoolers called Camp Go.

Our Camp Go team planned activities to lead 25 middle schoolers in leadership development and understanding how to serve, and developed a system for them to shadow Swim Camp leaders and ultimately spend a full day volunteering in Swim Camp. Our first-ever Camp Go had 36 participants, most of whom had grown up in Swim Camp and were there to give back to a program that meant a lot to them as kids. 

$250 provides leadership incentives to Camp Go kids, to help encourage them to continue to serve and be leaders in their community.



Ira wants to teach music. Music speaks to him and draws out his creativity and his confidence. He is a naturally gifted singer and is learning about music theory and technique so that he can help others learn to love music as much as he does. Together For Hope Arkansas awarded Ira a $1,000 scholarship in the fall of 2015 to pursue his degree in music from Coahoma Community College. 

Together For Hope Arkansas is currently building an endowment to provide scholarships to students in Phillips County for many years into the future. Your gift to the TFHAR scholarship endowment can help students like Ira find their gifts and get the education they need to pursue their dreams.