Inside CBF Arkansas

Through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, churches can find a community that connects them to mission engagement, congregational resources and opportunities for spiritual formation, leadership development and advocacy for social justice.

Clergy can find connection to reference and referral, chaplaincy endorsement, peer learning networks and retirement benefits.

Churches can find connection for disaster response, micro-enterprise lending, church planting, management for endowment funds and much more.

CBF of Arkansas cares deeply about resourcing congregations, partnering in Together for Hope Arkansas and global missions, and leadership development with pastors, women in ministry, chaplains, and next generation leaders.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is a fellowship of Baptist Christians and churches who have a passion for living out the Great Commandment, the Great Commission, and the Golden Rule in entrepreneurial and missional ways in our 21st century world.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Arkansas exists to "serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission."

CBFAR also provides a new way of being Baptist, living out the historic Baptist freedoms of the priesthood of all believers (soul freedom), the authority of Scripture without creeds (Bible freedom), the autonomy of the local church (church freedom) and the separation of church and state (religious freedom).

CBFAR is an autonomous fellowship in full partnership with national CBF based in Atlanta and the 19 state and regional fellowships, as well as other CBF partner organizations.

  • CBFAR Vision Statement - To be the presence of Christ in the world.
  • CBFAR Strategy - To connect people with people (relationships), people with resources (discipleship & leadership) and people with opportunities (missions & ministries) in the CBF movement.

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